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African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection

Identifier: SC-085

Collector, Ms. Carol Mundy amassed this collection of monographs, manuscripts, sheet music, pamphlets, journals, newspapers, broadsides, posters, photographs, and rare ephemera focusing on the African American history. While the collection is comprehensive both nationally and internationally, it also contains materials that pertain to the African American experience in central Florida.

Dates: Created: 1791-2003

Al Turner, Splash Magazine Collection

Identifier: SC-072

Al Turner was the founder, president, and chief executive officer of the World Waterpark Association (WWA) until his death in 2001. During his time as president of WWA he kept slides, photographs, brochures, and documents about the various waterparks that his company worked with worldwide. This collection contains the materials that Al Turner collected.

Dates: Created: 1986-2002; Other: Majority of material found within 1990-2002

Albin Polasek Collection

Identifier: SC-020

The Albin Polasek Collection includes materials on the life and work of Czech sculptor and Winter Park resident Albin Polasek. The Collection consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, business records, certificates, speeches, photographs, pamphlets, programs, invitations, newspaper clippings, and related papers.

Dates: Created: 1897-2004; Other: Majority of material found in 1906-1977

Alice Lossing Rountree Collection of Seminole County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees Minutes

Identifier: SC-118

The collection contains the Meeting Minutes of Seminole County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees from 1948 to 1950 and 1953. The Minutes, recorded by secretary Alice Rountree, detail the decisions made by Board of Trustees ranging from maintenance of the schools within the district to the appointment of principals. This includes segregated schools in the district during the Jim Crow Era.

Dates: 1948-1950, 1953

Allene Baus Collection

Identifier: SC-134
Collection Scope and Content Allene Baus was an activist in the Central Florida region whose most notable accomplishment was establishing the first Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in Orlando. This collection contains materials taken from two of Baus' albums. This collection is arranged in one series. Series I contains two folders, each containing the materials found in the two albums. Series I: Albums, 1989-1995 contains documents, captioned and...
Dates: 1989-1995; 1991-1994

Archimedes L. A. Patti Research Papers

Identifier: SC-026
Abstract This collection contains the research materials collected by Archimedes L. A. Patti for use in his historical writings. Known for his military career, his work in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and his relationship with Ho Chi Minh, Patti was recognized later in life as a respected researcher and historian on Indochina affairs. Notes, manuscripts, ephemera, photographs, maps, books and scrapbooks are held in this collection. Of important note are photographs given to Patti by Ho Chi...
Dates: Created: 1922-1993

Archival Collection of Dr. Charles N. Millican from the Collection of Norman Van Meter

Identifier: UA28D

The collection contains photographs, news clippings, and personal letters that are about Charles Millican. The photographs range from social events to private family photos.

Dates: Created: 1900s-2000s

Archival Collection of Dr. Henry H. Nehrling from the Collection of Michael D. Kahn

Identifier: SC-099
Abstract These materials were in the possession of Betty Pooler Mitchell Nehrling, Henry Nehrling's second wife. Dr. Henry Nehrling was a horticulturist famous for his gardens in Gotha and Naples, Florida. The collection consists of letters, documents, photographs, postcards and monographs which provides insight into the familial and financial affairs of the Nehrling Gardens. It also offers a look at Henry Nehrling during the tumultuous years of Florida's boom and bust, and a glimpse of his failing...
Dates: Created: 1855-1934

Art History Club at UCF

Identifier: UA22B

The Art History Club at UCF collection documents the history of the club from 2011 to 2015. Materials in this collection include officer files of the club's president, such as meeting agendas, event fliers, and memorabilia.

Dates: Created: 2011-2015

Arthur S. Barclay Collection

Identifier: SC-080

A collection of slides and photographs that belonged to American botanist Dr. Arthur S. Barclay. These images include personal photographs of Dr. Barclay and his family or subjects of Dr. Barclay’s research. Most notable are Dr. Barclay’s trip to Colombia while a student at Harvard University in 1956, samples of datura plants collected in the Southwestern United States, and the aftermath of automobile accident involving Dr. Barclay’s International Harvester B-120 Travelall.

Dates: Created: 1940-1977; Other: Majority of material found in c. 1961-1962

Beatrice B. Ettinger Papers

Identifier: SC-037
Abstract The Beatrice B. Ettinger Papers contain correspondence, leaflets, posters, minutes and reports that show women's position in society in the 1970s and 1980s. Continuing Education is the focus of these papers since Ettinger accumulated many of the materials between 1970 and 1992 when she was President of the Council for Continuing Education for Women. This organization established a Center that was based first at Valencia Community College and later at the University of Central Florida....
Dates: Created: 1964-1998

Ben White Raceway Papers

Identifier: SC-011
Abstract Ben White Raceway located on a 120- acre tract in Fairview Park, near downtown Orlando, Florida, was the largest training facility and winter home for champion racehorses. The track was named in honor of one of the nation's most famous trainers, Ben White, who won numerous titles and chose Orlando as a training site in 1920. The track lost popularity as the expense to ship horses to Orlando became too great. In July 2001, the name was changed to Trotters Park. In January 10, 2002, the City...
Dates: Created: 1946-1978

Beth Urban Collection on Doris Leeper

Identifier: SC-117

The Beth Urban Collection on Doris Leeper consists of personal files, publications and photographs that highlight Leeper's artwork, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, as well as her personal life. This collection highlights Leeper's life from a very early age through her continued impact many years after her passing.

Dates: Circa 1930-2013

Biotic Communities on the FTU Campus

Identifier: UA28A

This document explains the types of biotic communities found on the Florida Technological University Campus in 1971 and makes recommendations for actions to preserve those communities as the campus develops. The university was renamed in 1979 to the University of Central Florida.

Dates: Created: 1971

Bob Kealing Kerouac Research Collection

Identifier: SC-084

The Bob Kealing Kerouac Research Collection contains documents and research notes related to Kealing's book Kerouac in Florida: Where the Road Ends, book drafts, legal documents, articles written by Kealing, articles related to the Kerouac House, and other materials regarding the Writer in Residence Program.

Dates: Created: 1958-2008; Other: Majority of material found in 1996-2002

Bob Kealing Tupperware Collection

Identifier: SC-087

The Bob Kealing Tupperware Collection contains interviews, news clippings, letters, legal documents, photographs, audio tapes, and research notes related to Kealing's book Tupperware, Unsealed: Brownie Wise, Earl Tupper, and the Home Party Pioneers. The book may be found in the Online Catalog.

Dates: Created: 1940-2006

Book Arts Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC-082

The Book Arts Ephemera Collection is comprised of various materials related to the book arts community. Items from publishers, art exhibits, and persons involved with book arts are included.

Dates: Created: 1993-2007

Brian Arbogast Collection

Identifier: SC-133

Brian Arbogast was a local LGBT activist in Orlando. He is responsible for establishing the first GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) chapter in Florida. He is also responsible for registering the GLAAD Florida chapter as the first American GLAAD chapter with the IGLA (International Lesbian Gay Association). He was also heavily active in local LGBT issues, such as working on a community advisory board with WMFE Channel 24.

Dates: 1987-2000

Bromeliad Society International (BSI) Archive

Identifier: SC-097
Abstract The Bromeliad Society International (BSI) Archive consists of historical materials, including photographs related to cultivation of bromeliads; field notes related to the collection of bromeliads in the wild; list of plant entries in judged bromeliad shows; incoming and outgoing correspondence from early bromeliad growers; biographies; administrative records of the BSI such as, copyright registrations, copies of meeting minutes, annual reports, and bylaws; BSI publications; and ephemera,...
Dates: Created: 1942-2018

Bryant West Indies Audio Collection

Identifier: SC-006

The Bryant West Indies Audio Collection contains vinyl record albums and audio cassette tapes, all containing various genres of music from the Caribbean Islands. These records and cassettes were purchased or collected on trips sponsored by the William L. Bryant Foundation.

Dates: Created: 1940-1974

Bryant West Indies British Parliamentary Acts Collection

Identifier: SC-039

This collection represents a sample of British Parliamentary Acts regarding the British West Indies.

Dates: Created: 1712-1873

Bryant West Indies Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC-005

This collection of tourism brochures, pamphlets, maps and newspaper clippings documents the islands of the West Indies. The collection encompasses the Greater and Lesser Antilles, as well as the islands and nations of South America, and includes Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Surinam.

Dates: Created: 1682-1968

Bryant West Indies Slides Collection

Identifier: SC-008

The Bryant West Indies Slides Collection, Ccirca 1940-1981, contains 35mm slides of various islands in the Caribbean as well as Florida and Venezuela. The slides were taken on collecting trips sponsored by the William L. Bryant Foundation, where books, music and art indigenous to the regions were gathered. They are organized by geographical location. The content of the slides vary and include landscapes, religion, houses, people and everyday life.

Dates: Created: Circa 1940-1981

Carey Hand Funeral Home Records

Identifier: SC-041
Abstract Contains records and ledgers on services provided at the Carey Hand Funeral Home. Materials include memoranda regarding the death and burial of deceased individuals, registers of the death, burial and payment information, plots in the Greenwood and Palm cemeteries, financial records, cremation records, ambulance service records, vault storage records, and Central Florida Veterans and Orlando Airbase Servicemen's death, burial, and military information. The records are particularly useful in...
Dates: Created: 1891-1955

Carol Mundy: African American Legacy Research Files

Identifier: SC-121
Abstract This research collection primarily looks at African American Legacy in small town Florida, including Eatonville, Apopka, and Ocoee. Through photographs, manuscripts, census data, historic home registers, and so much more; you can dive deep into researching these historic African American cities. Delve into the historic homes and their inhabitance of these historic cities through this collection. The documents in this collection are primarily photocopies, or photographs of original documents....
Dates: 1790-2012

Children's Home Society of Florida Collection

Identifier: SC-054
Abstract The Children's Home Society of Florida Collection contains organizational papers and ephemera that document the creation and operations of Florida's oldest non-profit adoption agency. The collection includes organizational papers from its state and local divisions, photographs, news clippings, audio and visual media, scrapbooks, and blueprints of the many receiving homes in the state, but does not contain adoption records. Adoption records remain at the CHSFL Adoption Archive and are...
Dates: Created: 1862-2019; Other: Majority of material found within 1902-1997

Christian Bauer Collection on the Orange County Big Box Store Task Force

Identifier: SC-075

Christian Bauer is a University of Central Florida Professor who was on the Task Force that wrote numerous ordinances to regulate Big Box Stores. He collected meeting minutes and newspaper clippings that documented the work of the Task Force.

Dates: Created: 2006-2007

Civil War Map Collection

Identifier: SC-111
Abstract This collection has been rediscovered within the Special Collections after sitting idle for a period. The maps include historical civil war battles and plans as well as information on other minor operations and miscellaneous items. The dates of the maps and the battles that they accompany range from 1861 to 1865, some only reproductions from field reports and firsthand accounts in 1867. The collection is a proven testament to the extensive effort put into the preservation of this moment of...
Dates: Created: [1891-1895]

Clearwater American Association of University Women Records

Identifier: SC-127
Abstract This collection contains materials relatd to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) from the Clearwater Branch, Florida. The AAUW women supported the advancement of equity of women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. They donated multiple scrapbooks consisting of photographs of meetings, conferences, and tea honorings along with newspaper clippings of current events throughout the year, club activities, and achievements of their members....
Dates: 1960-2015

Collected Materials on the Zora Neale Hurston Festival

Identifier: SC-074
Abstract The collection contains documents related to the festival bearing the name of the late poet, writer, anthropologist, and folklorist Zora Neale Hurston. Since 1990, the Zora Neale Hurston Festival has attracted individuals from across the country in academic and artistic disciplines wishing to celebrate Zora Neale Hurston and African American culture as a whole. The following folders contain the programs from festival years 1990 to 2017. In addition to its annual festival, the Association to...
Dates: Created: 1989-2017